How to check all the sensors (a Nagios plugin)


Ever fancied a Nagios plugin to check all the sensors on the host without any hassle? Try this one, it collects all the sensors’ input values, compares it to their thresholds (the script collects threshold values from the system by itself). Then the plugin throws a warning when the rate of input value to the threshold value is 0.8 or more (actually you can change it by the -w option), also it yells about the critical state if the rate is equal or greater than 1 (of course, you can change it too by the -c option, although I wouldn’t suggest you to do that).

Oh, I almost forgot to add: you need to have lm_sensors utiluity installed.

Here are some examples:
This command will check each sensor on each chip. It will raise the critical status when the input value is equal or greater than 100% of the threshold value. If the input value is greater or equal to 80% of the threshold value, the warning state will be raised. All threshold values are being got from the system. -c 90% -w 50%
It’s almost the same, but the critical rate is 90% and the warning rate is 50%. -C zaloopa -S '/^Temperature [0-9]+$/' -c 90 -w 75
Only temperature sensors on the zaloopa chip will be checked. The critical status will be raised when the absolute input value is greater or equal to 90 degrees. If it’s equal or greater than 75 degrees, the warning state will be thrown.

Also saved it to Gist.

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