My wife and I are running an IT-company since 2005. It’s not always easy, but always exciting. We started as an ISP but since 2011 our specialization is cloud computing services. We were the first company in Ukraine who started to promote a “cloud office” as a service. We were first and I think, we’re still the best.


I’d written my very first video game in 1991, I wrote it on Assembler. I was 11 when my father had bought me a computer – a box with an 8bit CPU inside, it was equipped by 32 KB of RAM and you could wait for a dozen of minutes while it was loading a file from the tape-recorder (do you remember saving your data on audiotape cassetes?). I’m responsible for the infrastructure of an IaaS-provider, and automation is really important to me and my company. My skills allow me to cast various toys from short scripts to quite branchy projects and I really love doing it. 🙂


I’m playing music since 2012. It was a life-changing year, the year when I had heard the person who shown me what the music is. So I bought a guitar and started to learn how to play it, because I had an urge to write a song devoted to the teacher. Since that, I’m composing music and playing it wherever I can do it: streets, parks, subways, trains – everywhere where I’m walking with my guitar and my microCube amp on the belt.

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