MonkeyMan’s vocabularies

Each element of the ACS-driven infrastructure is represented as a Moose-sugared Perl object, has attributes and executes methods. All kinds of elements consume (inherit) the same Moose role (MonkeyMan::CloudStack::API::Roles::Element) which makes that class an element.

Elements getting to know what they shall do to perform some work, are looking up the element’s vocabulary (MonkeyMan::CloudStack::API::Vocabulary;), the vocabulary configures the element like DNA. 🙂

See MonkeyMan::CloudStack::API::Element::Domain.

Yes, that’s what MonkeyMan knows about the Domain infrastructure element in the ACS-driven cloud. And when I needed to teach it how to handle with another infrastructure element – an account, I’d just added it as a separate vocabulary:

See MonkeyMan::CloudStack::API::Element::Account.

MonkeyMan is a good student, it’s such a joy to teach him feww new tricks 🙂
dammit. he is alive.

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