Living my music

I really love music! I love to listen music, to feel it, to compose my tunes and to play them. I’m pretty sure that principles of musical harmonies, chords and progressions can be applied to varions things in the universe, because the world itself seem to be organized by the same rules. Surely, I’m not an expert in physics and mathematics, but you don’t need to be a PhD to see the obvious. 🙂

I decided to try an odd experiment. I’ve divided the week to 12 equal chunks complied to 12 halftones, so one week is treated as a full octave. It could look like that:


Then I’m going to “play” various chords progressions, just by doing certain things at certain hours corresponding to certain tones. For example, “playing” a C-chord means doing some things in the following periods:

  • from 00:00 till 14:00 of Monday,
  • from 08:00 till 22:00 of Wednesday,
  • from 02:00 till 16:00 of Friday.


On the next week I’ll “play” some other chord, for example, an Am-chord. Then goes an F-chord. And then – a G-chord. So, some progression will be “played”.

What it gives? I don’t know yet! 🙂 I need to try and then I could tell about results.

What exactly I’ll do at these hours? I’m going to decide it. But, just kind of wondering, what would YOU do at some *magic* time periods if you knew they’re *magic*?

Thank you!

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